Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my carpets take to dry?

It will depend on several factors: The type of fibres used in the carpet as well as its construction, the amount of soiling within the carpet, the length of the pile and the temperature both inside and outside the property.

One of our staffs’ key skills is their ability to clean carpets thoroughly, leaving the carpets as dry as possible.

Our modern, efficient machines remove large amounts of moisture, so your carpets should dry rapidly. You’ll be able to use them soon after we leave.

Will my carpet shrink?

Some carpets may be prone to shrinkage. However, we have many years’ experience and can spot the fibres within a carpet which may cause this.  We can then take preventative measures, so you don’t need to worry.

If necessary, we may refuse a job and there will be no charge for our assessment or any call out charge.

I have heard that carpets get dirty quicker once they have been cleaned. Is this true?

This only happens if there is too much residue left within the carpet. Rest assured that we use the correct cleaning system and application methods for each carpet, which means that they stay clean for longer.

Will I have to clear all the furniture out of the room?

No, don’t worry about that. We would ask that you move small or breakable objects but we’re happy to move larger pieces of furniture as we clean or work around non movable items. Some items of furniture may require plastic tabs under their feet once cleaned which we supply for no additional charge.

How long will it take you to clean my carpets?

We can give you some estimates, but it will vary, depending on many factors:

Approximately one and a half hours for a three-bedroom house.

About an hour for a hall, stairs, landing and a lounge

About an hour for a three-piece suite

As we use the latest technology, our turnaround times are fast, ensuring that you can use your office or your home as quickly as possible.

Will hot water extraction (steam cleaning) damage my carpet?

No, not at all. Hot water extraction is the preferred method of Shaw Industries and of many other major carpet manufacturers. It is generally considered the best method of removing embedded dirt and other contaminants.

Do you require parking right outside my property?

It’s not essential however where possible it is always preferred. As well as truck mounted carpet cleaning machines we also have portable machines that can be brought right to your front door.

Do I have to vacuum before you arrive?

No, leave the vacuuming to us. It’s an essential part of the cleaning process that is included in the cost of our service.