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Carpet Protection

What is carpet protector, scotch guard and stain shield?

The Prestige Carpet Protection Services will help you protect your carpet and also upholstery. These are all spray on treatments essentially designed to do the same thing. They will protect carpet or upholstery fibres against water or oil based spills. They do this by covering each fibre in an invisible coating.

Carpet Protection and Fabric Protection

If you spill red wine for instance and the carpet does not have a protector applied you will see the carpet turn a pink colour as the wine absorbs into the fibres. If you spill that same glass of wine and your carpet is protected you will see the wine bead up and remain on top of the carpet. By repelling the liquid you can run and grab some paper towel, apply it to the spill and let the liquid absorb into that rather than your carpet.

Wear Pattern Prevention

The other fantastic benefit of a carpet protector is the prevention of wear patterns in the carpet. If you have ever looked closely at your carpets you can usually see where the most walked on areas are. The carpets in high traffic areas often discolour from wear and tear. The protective shield of a protector prolongs the beauty of those areas and prevents the carpet from discolouring as quickly.

The formula we use is colourless, odourless and will not change the characteristics of your furnishings in any way other than making them stain resistant.

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